Bring ease back to your life & community

by voting Jalal Elarid for Victoria City Council.

Bringing EASE back into our community

This vote is about YOU

This vote isn’t about me, it’s about you. It’s time your voice is actually heard. I hear what you want and need and want to bring it to the Victoria city council.

What if Victoria was the city where you feel like you belong, where your diversity is embraced, where real changes are being made for the environment, and opportunity exists for students and your young family.

My Promise to YOU

  • increase budget for school programs & sports facilities
  • improve traffic flow with advanced left turn signals
  • pause the bike lane construction and revisit design & orientation
  • encourage reduced fossil fuel usage & promoting alternatives
  • planned affordable & safe housing for families/individuals
  • affordable rent for business owners
  • reduce property taxes

Hi, I'm Jalal Elarid

Born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp, I could never have dreamt of raising my own kids in this place I now call home, Victoria, B.C. Our family fled Palestine in search of freedom, ending up in Oklahoma, where I graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Oklahoma. Life brought me to Victoria where I immediately felt a sense of acceptance, belonging, and saw opportunity. 

Now I am grateful to give my family a comfortable life.  In my 30 years here, I have seen Victoria go from glorious and free to a place where people are stressed and overwhelmed. The housing, the cost of living, the climate concerns are wreaking havoc on the Victoria I fell in love with.

I am done talking about what needs to be done in this city and am ready to do something about it. Please join me in bringing Victoria back to it’s glory days with my platform.

Jalal Elarid

We can bring ease back to the place we call home!